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Gender Symbols - VRChat prefab

35 ratings

Unity package includes:

  • Male, Female & Trans prefabs

  • Setup with the free Poiyomi shader

  • Dynamic bones settings are setup on prefabs.


Enjoy ! ^~^

Store Refund Policy

I have a huge amount of respect for you, my customer, and I present my work as accurately as possible. My goal is to help you find exactly what you need. I am available to present the different parts of the model, so you are sure you can use the product.

Therefore, I do not offer refunds for Store purchases for any reason.

Before proceeding with your purchase:

- Be sure that you are purchasing the correct model.

- If you have any concerns regarding misrepresentation of a product, or any questions about the technical aspects of a model, please contact me directly at "" before purchasing.

What uses are forbidden?

As a rule of thumb, you may not sell the 3D asset as a stand-alone.

Some examples of what you can and cannot do:

You cannot purchase a model and sell it directly to another client/customer.

You may not claim you are the creator or copyright holder of a 3D asset you purchased.

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Gender Symbols - VRChat prefab

35 ratings
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