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Comfy Femboy

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VRChat avatar setup for fullbody tracking. Includes eyetracking, visemes, tons of blendshapes. Extra gestures included for those who want to switch it up.

Photoshop files with masks included for easy color manipulation. UV map in most of the PSD files as well for more experienced texture artists.

Dynamic bone settings with colliders are setup for great looking hair, though you need to own this yourself, as this is not a free unity asset.


Unity 2018.4.20f1

Latest VRChat SDK

Dynamic Bones

Arktoon shaders included in the package for easy setup.


Refund Policy and Public Usage

These assets are all created from scratch, and nothing is simply parts put together. I model, texture, rig and skin every asset from the ground up, and I spend a lot of time going through this process to create unique, interesting 3D assets for you to purchase and enjoy.

By purchasing you are agreeing to not redistribute, reuse assets, or resell our work.

You may edit it and upload it to yourself only.

You cannot make any of our work public or put it on avatar pedestals in VRC Worlds.

Store Refund Policy

I have a huge amount of respect for you, my customer, and I present my work as accurately as possible. My goal is to help you find exactly what you need. I am available to present the different parts of the model, so you are sure you can use the product.

Therefore, I do not offer refunds for Store purchases for any reason.

Before proceeding with your purchase:

- Be sure that you are purchasing the correct model.

- If you have any concerns regarding misrepresentation of a product, or any questions about the technical aspects of a model, please contact me directly at "" before purchasing.

What uses are forbidden?

As a rule of thumb, you may not use the 3D asset in a way that allows others to use or access the 3D asset as a stand-alone. This is a product bought personally for you, and the source files or derivatives thereof, may not be redistributed without my permission.

Some examples of what you can and cannot do:

You cannot sub-license a purchased model.

You cannot purchase a model and sell it directly to another client/customer.

You cannot purchase a model and offer it as a free downloadable.

You cannot distribute the 3D asset incorporated in a derivative work if the derivative work is too similar to the 3D asset.

You may not claim you are the creator or copyright holder of a 3D asset you purchased.

The 3D asset may not be distributed to any 3rd party commissioner, unless the 3rd party also buys the 3D asset from this store.


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Unity prefab for easy setup (This has the FBX and Diffuse textures). PSD files for easy colour changes.

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Comfy Femboy

29 ratings
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