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Armature Tools

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What is Armature Tools ?

A tool made for quickly generating and editing weighted bones.

Intended for simple meshes like hair meshes/cards, tails, etc. (Also works for curves, but doesn't apply weights)

Removing / editing weighted bones usually comes with extra work in weight painting, which this add-on aim's to make easier

Generate bones

The add-on uses the mesh topology to grow a bone chain from the selected vertices on a mesh

The existing weights on the mesh are preserved.
You can choose to add or replace the affected mesh weights with the newly generated ones

In cases with pointy tips, it can automatically detect where each mesh island should start

Edit weighted bones

Remove selected bones and transfer their weights to the last selected bone (active bone)

Armature Mode

Automatically finds connected armature / meshes and allows for quickly switching modes between mesh and armature.
See documentation for more info


  • Curve - creates bone chains for each curve (supports: Bezier, Nurbs, Paths, resolution, cyclic)  - Note: Curves can not be weight painted
  • Mesh selection (Edit mode) - bone chains starting from selected verts
  • Mesh islands (Object mode) - bone chains for each island, (uses connected edges or average face area)
  • Mesh islands (Edit mode) - same as object mode, but only uses the islands of selected vertices
  • Reverse - Reverses generated bone chains
  • Resample - Resamples generated bone chains
  • Apply weights - Automatically separate and apply weights for each island before joining back together
  • Prepare mesh - Removes doubles and sharpens edges that were previously overlapping
  • Armature & Bone name - Set custom name for the generated bones and armature to us
  • Remove - Remove bone & transfer weights to it’s parent bone weights
  • Dissolve - Dissolve bone & transfer weights to it’s parent bone weights
  • Selected to active - Transfer weights from selected to active
  • More edit features are planned

  • Set mode - Object, edit, pose: Finds attached armature and auto selects/sets active, then enters selected mode
  • Set mode - Weight paint: Automatically finds & selects the relevant armature/meshes to enter weight paint with bone selection. 

Questions ?

Send mail to

For bugs & requests, the discord server is preferred.


Link: Notion - Armature Tools Documentation

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Armature Tools

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